Designing is a Pleasure for Us.


The ability to meet the customer’s expectations using our own vision.


Inspiration ensues from our ability to see things from different perspectives.

Attention to Detail

The sole difference between a passable and professional performance.

What We Offer

At AI HVAC Design we develop HVAC design projects and energy efficiency projects for all stages of design and construction. We provide assistance until the complete installation of the systems and their commissioning has been done.

We develop:

  • HVAC design
  • Energy Efficiency project
  • Architectural design
  • Structural design
  • Electrical Installation design
  • Water Supply and Sewerage design
  • BIM Model
  • Consultations
  • Outsourcing Services

Why Choose Our Services

Our customers trust us and we work hard to provide them with the service they deserve. Excellent results can be achieved only in the circumstances of complete trust and we do our best to be the partner that our customers need.

We endeavor to perform beyond our customers’ expectations by not only providing the contracted service within the agreed timeframe but also by offering much more. We research the customer’s needs from all possible perspectives and provide optimal solutions combining efficiency, price and quality.

Recent Projects