What you are always sure to get from us

  • The opportunity to surpass the their expectations
  • Dedication and passion for work
  • Belief in constant innovation
  • Flexible design solutions
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Competitive prices

AI HVAC Design has been created by professionals to be a reliable partner for all the customers in need of a HVAC design. It is the right choice for all those who value reliability and creative approach. We identify each customer’s personal needs and expectations in order to offer them precisely adapted and effective solutions.

Our aim is to keep any possible differences between the design and its implementation at a minimum, and therefore we use the advantages of BIM Modelling in our projects. Safeguarding the customers’ interests without compromising on quality is one of AI HVAC Design’s guiding principles.

Respect and integrity are the fundamentals of trust and critical prerequisites for building long-term business relationships. We keep our promises and fulfill our agreements; we are respectful of and consider the work of our colleagues in other specialized fields.

Working is a pleasure to us, an exciting experience which gives us the opportunity to make headway and evolve as professionals. This is exactly why we never get tired and we manage to reach the goals we have set and achieve the results we aspire to.