What We Offer

At AI HVAC Design we develop HVAC design projects and energy efficiency projects for all stages of design and construction. We provide assistance until the complete installation of the systems and their commissioning has been done.

We develop:

  • HVAC design
  • Energy Efficiency project
  • Architectural design
  • Structural design
  • Electrical Installation design
  • Water Supply and Sewerage design
  • BIM Model
  • Consultations
  • Outsourcing Services

BIM Services

We Design, You Build it

Building Information Modelling (BIM) predominates our design philosophy. BIM makes it possible for the contractors to see the design from every possible perspective prior to the construction of the building.

The main principle of BIM is that the object-orientated model remains a reliable source of data for the designs throughout the whole life cycle of the project and beyond it. This is a process of creating and managing data on buildings during the development of the project.

We use a tree-dimensional computer programme for dynamic real-time modelling of buildings that can increase productivity during the design development and construction stages.

The advantages of the BIM services we offer are:

  • Improved spatial and technical coordination
  • Higher supply quality
  • Fewer mistakes during the construction of the buildings
  • Easily accessible and correct quantities derived directly from the model
  • Earlier participation of the whole team in the coordination process
  • Constant exchange of drawings is unnecessary
  • The design is being developed by a team whose participants receive information about the limitations and dependencies of the other participants in real time

Our professional BIM services include:

  • A detailed quantitative account which will help you make a precise calculation of expenses
  • Creation of parametric families
  • Design development and modelling
  • Modelling until the final drawing is created
  • Coordination of the elements of all designs in the project
  • BIM model from a 2D CAD drawing
  • 3D as-built documentation
  • Revit BIM

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